Activities - Motor cycling

To go for a ride through the Vosges Mountains is always an extraordinary experience. The extended road network takes you through a varied countryside; the country roads from the Route des Crètes meander through a sloping landscape with breathtaking views, a series of gentle bends and steeps curves, changing scenery of mountains and lakes, picturesque villages where the terraces are waiting.  You don’t always have to go high up into the mountains to get delight from some extreme biking. 

A well known fact is that the adjacent region of the Alsace, where roads wind through vineyards and attractive little villages, is also a joy to ride through.  But, are you familiar with the department Doubs? This region lies south of the Ballon d’Alsace. We can whole heartedly recommend a trip along the river Doubs to Besançon.
At your return to La Vieille Colonie you can park your bikes under our covered area and for minor maintenance, we have a fully equipped workshop.